Ordinary People. Extraordinary Stories. Well, this Tumblr was started to share interviews of other folks but I've been overwhelmed and so, for now, writing about my journey with mental illness. And other shit. Located in Fresno, Ca.

PTSD, Conversion Disorder, Psychogenic Non-epileptic seizures are some of the lenses that color my world.

Note: These notes, travels and tales may be a trigger for some. Proceed with knowledge.

Thought for Jan. 17, 2014

This year’s goal is forward. Move forward. Small steps. Large steps. Leaps, bounds and toe-hold increments. All of it is momentum and it counts. Even the slip-backs. Wouldn’t have those if I hadn’t gained ground to begin with. Today’s small journey in moving forward is updating the family photos in frames. Update the time-capsule reminders of an old life that ended in 2010. There’s new life here. New ways. Certainly new photos to frame and fresh journeys to contemplate.